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MD 765

MD 765 is one of MDSHA's indexing numbers applied to a litany of old alignments and connectors, in this case related to MD 2 in Calvert County. Each one has a unique lettered suffix that is never signed (on the few alignments that have MD 765 shields). You'll see nearly half of them on this page.

The southernmost end of MD 765 is 765R at the ramp that MD 2 NB uses to join MD 4.

Over to the west side of the highway, Creston Lane SB may look like a parking lot, but it's MD 765X, and that's the old alignment straight ahead.

Back north on Creston Ln. This is a ramp to MD 2/4, so "TO" does not belong over "South."

One of the two longest (and signed) sections of MD 765 is 765Q. Here it is SB at a roundabout with a guide sign shield lacking the state name.

Standalone shields definitely aren't supposed to omit the state name. This assembly, on Appeal Lane EB in Lusby, does not have the appearance of one erected by the state.

This chapel wants to be very clear that it was rebuilt in 1748. The sign is NB.

And a southward view.

The chapel happens to be next to Calvert Cliffs State Park. Enter the park and you'll find this ancient historical marker. The first photo faces vehicles enteirng the park; click for closeup. The second photo faces no vehicles, just the interior of the park, which may be why it has never been repainted.

MD 765Q crosses over MD 2/4 and keeps its letter designation onto Pardoe Rd. This is the north end of MD 765Q, Pardoe Rd., heading west from the modern alignment to the old one. As I noted at top, sometimes these numbers are applied to connectors instead of old alignments. That would be the case here, as the road to the right in the second photo is clearly an old alignment that MDSHA appears to not want you to drive on.

Guess what, I'm driving it, all the way up to the old Johns Creek bridge that no longer exists. My reward is the old barn.

Back south on this stub of MD 765W. Almost all the old alignments of MD 2/4 are dutifully striped, even if they're dead ends on one side and disrespected with a shoulder stripe cutting across the other side.

Dead ends are a common theme on a page full of old alignments. This is Nursery Court SB and NB, MD 765V.

Nursery Ct. feeds into Nursery Rd., which is MD 765P. You know exactly where 765P ends because it apparently has never been restriped. Just how recently was this cut off? Actually, almost 30 years before this 2013 photo. That tells you how popular this road is.

Next up, we have Short Ct. (MD 765U) looking south from Saw Mill Rd. (MD 765N). It is indeed a short court, but don't let MDSHA scare you into not traversing it. Just don't climb up on berms willy-nilly.

This old alignment of MD 2/4 is particularly interesting because it still has traces of the bypass lane that through traffic would have used to get around SB left turns onto Saw Mill Rd. heading east.

Back north to Saw Mill Rd.

The other end of Saw Mill Rd. has another old alignment branching straight, Woodland Ct. (MD 765T). This seems like an ordinary two-lane road that just curves off to the left in the distance.

This is not an ordinary two-lane road. This is... rather dangerous. At least the other alignments end the stripes before the guiderail.

Back south on Woodland Ct. to 765N. MD 765N ends to the left, but that's obviously the connector part of the network, not an old alignment.

St. Leonards Rd. is just plain MD 765, no suffix. Oh, and this is actually the west end of MD 509. It's only signed to the right for connectivity to MD 2/4. I don't understand Maryland sometimes.

If you follow signs, this is the MD 509 WB connector to MD 2/4. If you follow inventory, it's MD 765B.

While MD 765 follows old MD 2/4 on St. Leonards Rd., there's an old alignment of the old alignment along Hurry Lane in Port Republic. We're talking really old here, nowhere close to 24' of pavement and never striped. It dead-ends in a driveway, of course. Meet MD 765C.

Back north from the driveway to Parkers Creek Rd. All these years later, the original ROW is clear from the treeline.

Let's go north, to the point that MD 2 splits from MD 4 in Sunderland. Turn left on Kent Rd. and you'll find these old parking signs along MD 765E. If you can fit your vehicle between those two signs, you can park or stand here.

Usually, a road going straight and "No Outlet" means old alignment. In this case, follow the natural curve of the road to the right to stay on 765E NB and the path of old MD 2. Straight ahead is just plain Kent Rd.

No dumping on the terrible end to this alignment - and this page.

A 3-digit shield for a 1-digit route on Mt. Harmony Lane (MD 765I) NB.

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