Maryland Roads - MD 675

MD 675

The first, or "A," section of MD 675 is former US 13 through the heart of Princess Anne. These signs are NB at Washington St. (downtown) and by the welcome center (leaving downtown at the Manokin River).

Unusual assemblies on the north side of town, NB and SB. MD 822 is a recently built connector to University of Maryland Eastern Shore, so these signs are probably original to the early 2000s.

The second, or "B," section of MD 675 is also former US 13, heading north through Delmar the Delaware border, which is where MD 54 runs. Technically, MD 54 is to the right and DE 54 is to the left, though thanks to maintenance-sharing agreements, driving either direction results in seeing both types of shields and both states' signs. Old US 13 continues in Delaware as a possible Business alignment, but more likely just a state road.

Modern US 13

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