Maryland Roads - MD 591

MD 591

MD 591 is in two pieces, separated by a long-gone 1885 bridge over Octoraro Creek. It was originally US 1, which now crosses the creek much higher up to the north. These photos are eastbound on the western 591 stub, which is signed from US 1 despite being a dead end.

The ruins of a house just to the south of 591's stub end.

Back up to US 1.

Based on signage (yes, the other piece of 591 is also signed, despite being similarly dead of end), these photos are southbound, not westbound, on the eastern 591 stub. Since US 1 is a north-south route but travels east-west across the creek, it makes sense that either direction could be applied. I'd argue for consistency between the two 591 pieces, but I like this way of telling them apart.

Back "north" to US 1 along Porters Bridge Rd. The original 1885 bridge may have been Porter's. Notice that the road to the right off the small bridge is Colora. If you didn't already, go back and click on the link in my first caption. Not a coincidence.

Onto modern US 1

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