Maryland Roads - MD 537

MD 537

The MD 213 Chesapeake City Bridge seen from the "D" segment of MD 537 NB. The "A" segment, Basil Rd. to the south, was decommissioned. Segments A-C are all old US 213, whose drawbridge was demolished by a Dutch tanker in 1942. The high fixed-span replacement was not built until 1949, at which point the new interchange between US (now MD) 213 and its former route was constructed. This cut off the continuity of 537A and 537C, and thus 537D was created to connect the two underneath MD 213.

NB and SB at the southern end of the small town, not a city by any means except in name. There's a matching sign on MD 285, which was routed up old US 213 on the north shore to connect back to modern MD 213 such that MD 537B is just a one-block stub. Why the same wasn't done with MD 286 on this side is baffling.

Looking across the river at the site of the former drawbridge, from 537C to 537B.

Now on the one block of MD 537B, looking south at the C&D Canal and north at the state maintenance up the hill to the next intersection (which you can't really see).

A closer look at the southern drawbridge abutment and then turning west once more to the elegant arch of MD 213.

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