Maryland Roads - MD 5

MD 246 SB signal overhead.

Point Lookout is still in Maryland, which was on the side of the Union, but it's so far south that it has a Confederate monument and cemetery. Yes, that's the Rebel Flag flying high in Union Jack country.

An old alignment just to the north, seen NB.

NB and SB historical signs at Rosecroft Rd. (former Mattapany St.) and Old State House Rd.

Unique green business shield and another historical sign. That does say "BUSINESS" where "MARYLAND" ought to go. The Business tag probably belongs just above the 5.

Auth Rd., numbered MD 535 for as long as it takes to connect I-95/495 SB to MD 5, is missing a state name in the MD shield and all sorts of things in the next sign. There are 3 left turn lanes, so all 3 on the left should look the same (with ONLY and with the correct design), there's 1 right turn lane, and that's it. There is eventually an island between the two, but there isn't here, so the blank space is only confusing.

Another Old Branch Ave. alignment is just north of the I-95/495 interchange. In 2014, it was closed and the old pavement was being ripped up and redone while MD 5 received an auxiliary lane and a brand-new half interchange (SB only) with Woods Way to the east. I don't think this required removing original concrete, but I'm biased.

Looking south in the vicinity of Woods Way.

Old, older, oldest, SB in the locale of Marlow Heights. The oldest is Old Branch Ave., former MD 5.

On the NB frontage road in the same area, built when Branch Ave. was upgraded in the 1950s. This sign is not quite that old.

MD 5 becomes a divided highway and gets up to six lanes at some points. After Suitland Parkway, it's back down to two again for the rest of the ride. Which is 500 feet to the DC line.

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