Maryland Roads - MD 485

MD 485 (former MD 404)

Saathoff Rd., MD 485, leaving MD 404 to head east and coming upon the stub of original MD 404 that most of 485 will then follow.

Looking west along said stub.

Continuing east, this wide shoulder counts as an old alignment of an old alignment - the original MD 404 path before a slight straightening.

MD 485 EB curves back to MD 404, but strangely, only the short dead-end stub east of there is signed as 485. Also, it's not even a dead end, because there's an unpaved section that connects to Log Cabin Rd. My photos stop with the pavement because that's where old 404 rejoined its current alignment; the dirt road is a newer creation. Residents of the two houses on the dead end must be too impatient to head a few hundred feet back west.

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