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MD 36

MD 937 NB across a random Georges Creek tributary, and SB at a new Waverly St. bridge across said creek, in Westernport. MD 937 is the southernmost of the old MD 36 alignments. As you'll see by the links at the bottom of the page, there are several. Usually, one route's old alignments are grouped together under one number. It's highly unusual to see each one separate like this.

This old alignment doesn't have a number, meaning MdSHA was able to offload it to the town. This is Lower Georges Rd., NB (first photo) and SB at the former creek crossing south of Barton.

The old crossbucks are for Engine House Row, just north of Barton.

Click to drive MD 657 east into Lonaconing. MD 657 is a longish stub route off 36 that ends at the Allegany/Garrett County line.

Lonaconing has a self-esteem issue. Hopefully every day isn't Loser Day. Check SB by Bridge St. to see whose turn in the sun it is today.

NB from Midland to Frostburg. The old 40 shield has a shape error, and the new 36 shield has a state name error.

Skipping Alt. US 40 (see big link below) and continuing north under the former Great Allegheny Passage railroad to a very old alignment, Borden Yard Rd., that skids down a narrow hillside into an S-curve.

Heading northeastward, the first interesting bridge in Mt. Savage dates to 1929 and crosses Jennings Run.

The second interesting bridge in Mt. Savage... yes, same caption. Yes, different bridge.

The third interesting bridge... actually, in addition to being a year newer than the others, it's in Corriganville, and it's not on MD 36 anymore. This is MD 831, the former 36 alignment through town, EB (36 has changed direction by this point, as it ultimately comes back down to Alt. US 40 again).

MD 36 WB at the western end of MD 831, Kreigbaum Rd.

Western Alt. US 40 and MD 36/Alt. US 40
MD 939, former MD 36
MD 935, former MD 36
MD 936, former MD 36
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