Maryland Roads - MD 34

MD 34

As I cross the Potomac River into Maryland, several interesting piers rear their heads to the southeast. The closest set of abandoned piers belonged to the original road bridge, which once connected into Princess St. on the WV side. I know route numbers have changed, but essentially, MD 34 connected into WV 230 instead of WV 480. The farthest set of piers, the only ones with a bridge on top, are for the Shepherdstown Railroad Bridge (Norfolk Southern now, once Norfolk & Western). That leaves the middle piers, and I have no answers because they predate the oldest map I've found (1914). They could have been for an even older road or rail bridge, or some sort of aqueduct or other feeder into an old mill (Mill St. is right there).

Continuing onto dry land (MD technically encompasses the entire river), I come to where the railroad from the NS bridge finally meets MD 34. That's how I know this was once N&W instead of NS.

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