Maryland Roads - MD 335

MD 335

Photos progress southward.

The view east along Raymond Pond as I head down the west side of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

Although Harriet Tubman is from this area, the "Tubman Chapel" derives its name from a completely different Tubman family*, one that settled here in the 17th century.
* Disclaimer: Harriet Tubman married John Tubman in 1844. I cannot find enough information as to where either he or his name came from. It's entirely possible, if not likely, that though he was a free man, his ancestors were slaves to this or another Tubman family. So I can't say it's entirely unrelated, but I can say Harriet herself has no involvement here.

Just down the road, on the NB side.

With the sun in front of me (heading south in winter and all), I chose to get the NB face of this sign at the southern end of MD 335.

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