Maryland Roads - MD 329

MD 329, former MD 33

Let's cut right to the chase and head to the eastern end of MD 329, which has the clearest remnant of how Royal Oak Rd. used to continue from 329 onto 33. MD 33's Oak Creek bridge in Newcomb came later, leaving the old road through Royal Oak as a different state highway. This happened long enough ago, and MD 329 is long enough, that it's numbered similarly to other roads in the area and fully signed as a highway.

If I were to hypothetically ignore the chevrons and grass and continue straight, I'd be here on abandoned Royal Oak Rd.

Back west on the abandoned road to where it disappears into a mass of cockleburrs, with MD 329 continuing straight in the background. Clearly, the old road stuck around for some time as a leg of a wye intersection, because there are still traces of yellow paint for the centerline.

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