Maryland Roads - MD 315

MD 315

MD 315 EB crosses this creek just after turning onto Central Ave. in Federalsburg. The historical sign has a terrible font because it dates to 2010, but it looks like it's trying to look like a 1980s sign trying to look like a 2010s sign (remember when everyone used stupid futuristic fonts? Pepperidge Farm remembers).

Everything looks better WB, where I get a clearer sign photo ("better" is a relative term) and some side views that show off the age and construction of the bridge.

MD 315's eastern end is, obviously, at MD 318. Also obviously, it used to run straight into MD 318 EB. I think that's what the remnant assembly is trying to convey - MD 318 East was straight ahead, and MD 318 West was via a right turn (that all through traffic now takes) and another right. The straight WB movement is still open.

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