Maryland Roads - MD 313

MD 313

NB and SB at MD 14; the "14" side of the first assembly is older, as evidenced by the first letter in "WEST" not being larger. Puckum Rd. heads northwest from there toward "Rehoboth".

Just north of there, on the west side of the road, Eldorado United Methodist Church. "Eldorado" is Spanish for "Middle of nowhere in a place that doesn't speak Spanish."

In the MD 313/318 roundabout where MD 307 begins. There are a couple more incorrect signs with the directional banner in a small green sign.

Up to Denton, where I leave MD 313 briefly to travel its old alignment, MD 619. MD 619 NB ends here at the MD 404 bypass, and MD 313 drops off to resume its course.

This was supposed to be a NB photo of the Greensboro historical sign at MD 314. You can almost tell.

I guess two 1's is the cutoff for a three-digit route to get a two-digit shield.

An old alignment sneaks off as I approach Castle Hall Rd., NB.

Looking south along the disintegrating concrete two-laner, which is actually still maintained by the state as MD 820. Well, it's not maintained, but it technically has that number.

MD 820 NB, now part of Castle Hall Rd. WB, looking at where the old route of MD 313 once continued straight.

The simplest assembly, MD 312 NB.

Why are all the birds in the field? Because there was no room to go unicorn fishing. And when you've caught your unicorns for the day, you can head into the town of Unicorn and have them grilled at the Unicorn Cafe.

NB in Millington. That should be US 301, and MD 291 WB should be signed to the left on the same assembly.

MD 290 WB turns left at MD 213, at the same intersection as the northern end of MD 313 (to the left with 290).

In the southwest quadrant of the intersection, taken facing west (the angle you'd have from MD 313). The state seal has been painted over in white, but you can make out the motto "fatti maschii parole femine" - not "fat muscles pardon the woman," but "strong deeds, gentle words."

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