Maryland Roads - MD 285

MD 285

There's one of these signs on either end of old US 213 in Chesapeake City. MD 285 follows the original route on this side, which then crossed a drawbridge over the C&D Canal to the other side. Now that MD 213 follows a shiny fixed-span bridge, the city is bisected and you have to leave it just to cross the river. Obviously, the US 213 number lives on.

As long as you place it gently, you're okay.

Eastbound down the hill from there into Chesapeake City, in the shadow of the namesake bridge.

The former beginning of MD 285, with the C&D Canal in the background cutting off former US 213. It would be allowed to still begin here, just like MD 286 on the south shore, because the drawbridge stub here as well as George St. on the south side is secretly MD 537. The route is divided into several pieces, as I explain on the MD 537 page linked below.

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