Maryland Roads - MD 276

MD 276

The top banner on such a sign assembly should be "TRUCK," singular, and more importantly, there should be no white or black rectangular background. (White is older.) Both of these are SB.

Count de Rochambeau's heavy artillery and baggage train camped here at Cummings Tavern, just north of the MD 275 junction. If your eyes are still cramped, the date was September 5, 1781, and they then forded the Susquehanna at Bald Friar and proceeded to join the main army on the Philadelphia Road (which I'm sure is now US 1).

SB at the end of the road in Port Deposit (actual MD 222), and NB from Ferry St. at the same location. The MD 222 page has plenty of photos from scenic Port Deposit, wedged next to the Susquehanna River so tightly that a truck route is necessary to get past it.

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