Maryland Roads - MD 273

As is Maryland's wont, MD 273 is located near MD 272, 274, 275, and MD 276, as well as other routes close in number. As is not Maryland's wont, the free-standing shield above lacks the state name in the blank space.

One-piece backing for the assembly at the west end of MD 273. MD 273 is actually former US 1 through Rising Sun, as far as Sylmar Rd.

More EB shields without the state name; those are only supposed to appear when the shields are mounted on larger signs.

Same problem westbound, whether ground mounted or on a mast arm.

MD 274 is also infected just by being in Rising Sun.

Facing the same sort of shame, Queen St. SB did the wise thing and lost its shield altogether at the MD 273/274 intersection.

All remaining photos are eastbound.

The oldest white sign I've yet passed in the state, with a more prominent state seal and bolder letters than the newer ones.

Truck MD 274 is synonymous with MD 272. The first photo demonstrates a state-name I-95 shield, and the second photo demonstrates Maryland's alternate style of junction signage (as in, cheaping out on the second shield). Usually, Maryland would produce one-piece black-background signs with shields mounted/depicted on them.

If you had to pick which shield would survive, you would have gotten it wrong, because this old warrior lives on despite its damage, while the Truck route disappeared.

Fair Hill Drive in Fair Hill is former MD 273. East of MD 213, seen here EB (toward the dead end) and WB, the original concrete highway is exposed.

Newer LWS, on the wrong side of the road to get a good photo.

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