Maryland Roads - MD 272

Above: Lums Rd. WB and EB. With a name like Lums, you can probably find them without my help.

MD 272 SB on Elk Neck (see the bottom of the sign for proof).

Looking north from the parking lot at the end of the road.

Old Elk Neck Road has an old bridge. Well, had, as you'll see, which is why it's closed and all traffic detoured to MD 272. These photos were all taken on the south side, so here I'm walking northward.

I guess if you have an ATV, you can still ford Piney Creek and continue on the rest of the road. Just don't test that guiderail.

A bunch of scratches that are hopefully ATV-related. I shudder to think what else is clawing its way out of the water through solid asphalt.

Walking back south again. River monsters didn't get me this time.

Those NB shields are a bit wide, eh?

Continuing north past... well, you can read.

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