Maryland Roads - MD 23

MD 23

I'd call these photos WB, but MD 23 changes directions midway, so these are actually NB at the state line.

MD 138 EB just before meeting MD 23.

MD 23 EB, not TO 23, turning right onto a multiplex with MD 165. Old 23 continues straight as Jarrettsville Rd. to old US 1 (now Business US 1).

The old Forest Hill station is just east of MD 24 on Jarrettsville Rd. It clearly has more oldness associated with it. Click for a closeup of the reverse-color crossbucks, from before colors were standardized (let alone the angle of the sign).

And here's a closeup of the sign on the bottom, because it's cool too.

Back to regular MD 23, now close to where it ends. This is the most common look for Business 1 and the closest to what it should be.

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