Maryland Roads - MD 222

MD 222

NB through historic Fort Deposit, picking up MD 276 at an ugly shield next to one of many old houses. The reason this stretch of US 222 was downgraded to MD state route is because of how narrow and twisting the route is through Fort Deposit, hemmed in by a railroad and the Susquehanna River to the left and steep hills to the right.

Pausing at the MD 276/Ferry St. intersection, and a look south at a couple of the interesting houses I've passed.

Picking up at the Creswell sign and continuing north through the linear town. There just isn't room for any other cross streets.

The last building was the Rock Run Mill, as MD 222 leaves Fort Deposit across the railroad tracks and later comes to another white sign.

A railroad/river double crossing just up Moore Rd., which loops around to Conowingo to meet US 1 at what is now the beginning of US 222.

Just behind it, the light blue MD 222 crossing of Octararo Creek.

The big concrete bridge isn't in great condition. What about the little metal one?

Well, looking west and east, the track's gone but the embankment seems to be intact enough.

Never mind, no crossing here. The rail appears to have been tied directly to the wood beams that ran the length of the bridge, whose support depended on the lateral ties. Since those ties are falling into the river without being touched, I don't want to touch them.

The end of the road, but US 222 is still signed to the right as if a multiplex. Immediately to the left is the Conowingo Dam.

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