Maryland Roads - MD 201

MD 201

MD 201 NB technically begins at the DC line as what everyone thinks is MD 295 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, since it comes out of D.C. as DC 295. Nope, those both begin just after this sign as MD 201 bears off. Black on yellow is reserved for "exit only" situations.

Just after MD 201 leaves the freeway on Kenilworth Ave., it crosses under newly minted MD 295 (secret on B-W Pkwy. for now), NB and SB.

Just to the right of the NB photo.

Another old Parkway underpass looking east from MD 769 (segment D), old MD 201 on the dead-end of 52nd Ave.

MD 201 originally ended at US 50 (now MD 450) in Bladensburg. Edmonston Rd. north of there was MD 205, but it all was subsumed into MD 201 when that was bypassed by Kenilworth Ave. This is the scene at the north end of Edmonston Rd. "TO" and the shield assembly in general are wrong (wrong order, wrong shield design with "Maryland" far too small).

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