Maryland Roads - MD 200/ICC - 2010

MD 200/ICC: 2010 construction photos

Photos progress westward in the order of the Baltimore Road Meet's after-meet on April 17, 2010.

NB on Columbia Pike, former US 29, including an eastward glance to overpass construction above modern 29. The old Columbia Pike (where we parked) is now construction access, making the bridge to the right "new old" 29.

Looking east from under the Columbia Pike overpass at the future US 29 interchange.

Ramps from left to right: 29 NB-200 WB, 200 EB-29 NB, 200 EB-29 SB. The last two will diverge from a common starting ramp.

Now looking east from the top of the new Columbia Pike overpass, from where I can see the top of the future EB-NB flyover.

Various vantages of vestvard viewing. Sorry, got carried away. Notice the former Columbia Pike SB sign that now serves no purpose except to get battered.

Emory Lane SB through the construction site. The road was detoured to construct the overpass, but there's nothing to pass over yet. I assume the contractor at least hollowed out around the center pier and both abutments to be able to construct the concrete bridge structure. From this vantage point, it seems like the bridge will just magically finish constructing itself downward when MD 200 arrives.

The afterparty paused briefly at Needwood Rd. as sunlight grew short. The Needwood Rd. overpass has the fifth piece in place, that being traffic on top of it, presenting a nice vantage point that has the advantage of being lightly traveled.

Looking east from the overpass.

And one look west.

Very near the western end of MD 200, Shady Grove Rd. SB. The next overpass over is the Shady Grove Metro station connector, formerly the end of I-370.

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