Maryland Roads - MD 176

MD 176

All but the last photo are westbound.

As soon as the route begins in Glen Burnie, you're expected to hit a pedestrian.

MD 176 is the bottom portion of the BWI Airport Loop and takes on these unique assemblies as a result.

The journey features the only distance sign I noticed along the way before the loop is handed off to the west side.

Candlewood Rd. is to the right, but you'll never find Dorsey or US JCT 1 on MD 176. (You'll never find US JCT 1 at all, for that matter.) This replaced some older sign from before the MD 100/MD 295 interchange broke MD 176 in half in the 1990s. Dorsey Rd. now bends north from the stub end of MD 176 on this side and picks up as MD 103 on the other side.

Old and odd, almost to the end of the road.

MD 176 EB begins as Dorsey Rd. snaps into its old alignment.

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