Maryland Roads - MD 173

The eastern stub end of Old Fort Smallwood Rd. and then looking west (old MD 173 NB).

NB at another small old alignment by Tick Neck Park, now a connector to Rock Hill Rd.

Southward view of same.

Turning onto Fort Smallwood Rd.

I got to watch the 1947 Stony Creek Drawbridge in action leaving Riviera Beach.

More drawbridges across Curtis Creek, with MD 173 just north of I-695.

A very Baltimore sign and others along Birch St. EB, the NB side of a one-way pair in Curtis Bay.

MD 173 SB curves right off of Patapsco Ave. with views of the I-695 Francis Scott Key Bridge behind. An arrow should only be on a yellow background if it's accompanied by ONLY.

Follow Patapsco Ave. east from there and the first thing it does is cross under several railroads.

MD 173 SB/Patapsco Ave. EB to Crisp Memorial Church, built in 1887 and no longer a church.

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