Maryland Roads - MD 162

MD 162

All but the first photo are clockwise.

MD 162 WB ends at the north end of Airport Loop. Either "WEST" or the arrow is an afterthought. MD 170 is the west half of the loop, and as you'll see, MD 176 is along the bottom. MD 162 is the only one of the three that is entirely Airport Loop.

MD never puts state names on guide signs, and I guess black background qualifies as a guide sign even though it shouldn't. I-97 deserves a normal 2-digit shield.

MD 162 magically switches direction as it rounds the northeast corner of BWI. This is the only other wide I-97 shield I spotted.

Did my best to get this sign on Cromwell Park Dr., which connects from I-97 SB.

MD 162 ends here but the Loop continues on forever. The second photo contrasts state name in a separate assembly vs. not in a unified sign, and the last photo is the only time I've seen Airport Loop as a banner instead (probably the old way of doing things).

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