Maryland Roads - MD 16/331

MD 16 and MD 16/331

Pretty clear what this is, WB on Taylors Island.

MD 341 NB, Race St. in Cambridge, once the route of MD 16 EB until it was rerouted to the south in 1955 upon completion of Church Creek Rd. in its present format.

MD 16 EB and MD 392 in the same spot south of New Market, sharing a love of wide shields. MD 392 into MD 307 is pretty much a straight shot (turnpike?) to Federalsburg.

Yes, that's an old alignment. This is MD 16 WB and MD 331 SB, but is actually facing southeast at a remnant of former highway that is now internally numbered 817. The "A" section of MD 817 is Linchester Rd. out of Preston on the west side of 16/331, and then crosses over to this "B" section along Langrell Rd.

Preston historical signs along MD 16 EB/MD 331 NB, ending where MD 16 turns right onto Harmony Rd. and MD 331 continues straight.

Following an old alignment just south of Williston Rd., at Williston Lake, in Williston. It's more than just a lot of repetition. Look closely, and you'll spy an old MD 16 bridge at its northern end. Go ahead, get out and walk, just don't trespass.

On the north corner of MD 578, Bethlehem Rd.

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