Maryland Roads - MD 12

MD 12

WB nearing Salisbury.

WB to the corner of MD 354, which heads north from here. North is to the right of west. The arrow is backwards.

EB across the Pocomoke River into Snow Hill.

WB over same.

The interesting buildings (and one interesting stretched shield) of Snow Hill, MD 12 EB.

This EB assembly does not predate the bypass of Snow Hill, so it's just wrong, because this is very much the Business route.

The former Worcester County Courthouse is on the east side of the MD 12/Business US 113 concurrency.

MD 12 WB gets the same sort of stretched shield on the other end of the Business US 113 concurrency.

Halfway between Virginia and Snow Hill, a WB old alignment, ending with one look back eastbound.

This is how Virginia signs secondary routes. MD 12 is not a Virginia secondary route. This assembly is right at the border, and amusingly parochial.

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