Maryland Roads - Lombard St., Baltimore

Lombard Street, Baltimore

All photos are WB, and all are courtesy Scott Colbert except two.

The NORTH should be assumed on this half-sized city shield, as it would take a U-turn to get to I-83 South, and then I-83 would quickly end anyway.

At Calvert St. (MD 2 NB), courtesy Steve Okonski.

The bulbous I-395 shield at MD 2 is in stark contrast to the really old sign leading up to it. I don't gather why straight ahead is an ALT, since traffic doesn't save any time by turning on MD 2 to W Conway St., unless the straight arrow implies going straight past S Howard St.

My one contribution to this page, a last remnant of when MD 3 continued beyond its current end at I-97. The first piece of I-97 was built southeast from MD 3 in 1984, and the last connection that sealed 3's fate near Baltimore was made in 1997. This sign could have been erected any time in the intervening years, but should be replaced now. I presume the truck route follows I-395 to I-95 to MD 2 (avoiding 2's twists and turns in Federal Hill), and then onto I-695.

The middle point is raised too high on the MLK, Jr. Blvd. overhead, and the I-95 shield is too wide. It's interesting how well I-395 is signed for something that has one exit in either direction.

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