Maryland Roads - I-695

Mainline photos

Stevenson Rd. SB at I-695; those turning left to go west get right on the highway, but those turning right to go east must follow Radio Tower Drive to MD 129, where traffic jogs right to cross I-695 and get to the WB (soon to be SB - hence lack of direction on the sign) onramp.

Non-new shield courtesy Scott Colbert, on N Gay St. NB in downtown Baltimore, which becomes US 1. I'm not sure if one is supposed to follow I-83 or US 1 to I-695 at that decision point.

33rd St. EB at Hillen Rd. (MD 41) in Baltimore, which primarily leads to I-695 and so goes on this page.

The view from Gum Spring Rd., which ends on the north side of the massive I-95/I-695 interchange. It should be obvious why this was a stop on the Baltimore Road Meet.

Two pieces of former I-95 NB left underneath the flyovers. Because the NB side crossed over the SB side, it ended up closer to my vantage point here - in fact, even the new SB lanes were built inside this part of it.

This old bridge is now a driveway but once was Trumps Mill Rd., which picks up to the west as a much longer local street. In fact, to the left, which is now the dead end of Gum Spring Rd. at a church, was once also Trumps Mill Rd., and that same road picks up to the east as well as a local street. So the whole thing was once an important connector and is now a series of fragments. Given the current unimportance of this bridge, the object marker has to date from when this was a through road, so is over 50 years old.

Detail on the NB-WB ramp abutment. JFK refers to the highway the ramp comes from, I-95, which otherwise has ever fewer references to the JFK Highway name.

MD 10 NB, a short freeway connecting to I-695 on the western shore of the Baltimore Harbor/Patapsco River. All standalone shields should have MARYLAND on top; only green-sign shields lack them.

Mainline photos

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