Maryland Roads - Garrett Co.

Garrett County

MD 38 is about to enter West Virginia across the North Branch of the Potomac as WV 42.

MD 42 SB just before undercrossing I-68.

Western MD, like WV below and PA above, uses its mountains to a powerful advantage. These photos are on MD 560 NB.

This was originally MD 546, beginning out of US 40 and heading straight north-northeast. Now Finzel Rd. is secret MD 946, and MD 546 flies over now-Alternate US 40 to get to regular 40 at I-68. Maryland could have saved money, and the embarrassment of mismatched signs, by just saying "JCT 546" with a single assembly.

MD 39
MD 135
US 40
Alt. US 40
US 50
US 219
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