Maryland Roads - Caroline Co.

Caroline County

Main St. in Greensboro, MD 480, SB and NB just north of MD 314.

Secret MD 821, former MD 454, WB in Marydel at the stub of original 454.

One of the historical signs not on a state highway, in this town where Choptank Rd. meets Maryland Ave. and Poplar Neck Rd. But historical signs are always on highways! (Pretty much true, anyway.) Okay, then this was formerly the end of MD 324 out of Preston.

Heading north on Poplar Neck Rd. until I can't, because the bridge across Marsh Creek is in no state for vehicles. It still gets a fair amount of ATV traffic, though.

Back Landing Rd., Linchester
MD 16
MD 287
MD 307
MD 313
MD 315
MD 328
MD 331
Business MD 404
MD 485
Secret MD 817 (old MD 16/331)
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