Maryland Roads - Bus. MD 404

Business MD 404 (Denton)

The west end of Business MD 404 leaves a stub where it once continued straight as regular MD 404.

WB past MD 328.

My first EB photo doesn't look like much at all, at least roadwise, but then you see the line of houses and utility poles continue straight as the road curves right. This is the original MD 404 alignment at Choptank River.

There's more worth seeing on the east side of the river, where the stub of the old road is much more easily accessed from the mainline. Photos head west to the shoreline, looking across at the opposite abutment.

One look eastward on the original 404.

Old street signs abound on the west side of Denton. Gay St. is Business MD 404 WB, Franklin St. is Business MD 404 EB, and Market St. is probably original MD 404, splitting the difference between the one-way pair. The signs were photographed facing west, west, east, and south, in that order.

Another reason to believe Market St. is original MD 404: the Caroline County Courthouse is built right along it, here facing northeast at the corner of 1st St.

More good views can be had from the back of the courthouse, along Gay St./Bus. MD 404 WB.

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