Maryland Roads - Bus. US 13, Pocomoke City

Business US 13, Pocomoke City

Heading south across the Pocomoke River into its namesake city. The stamp on the NB abutment says the bridge was built in 1921, predating the US highway system.

Looking south along the river, and north at the modern US 13 bridge.

Northward views. Apparently the bridge plaque is on the outside, so it can only be spotted from an adjacent parking lot. My best photo obscures the name of the contractor, but it's something like Wilson.

Continuing north, Business US 13 turns right at Dividing Creek Rd. to get back to its parent route, and MD 364 then continues north. These photos head straight on original US 13, Market St. Extension, until it fizzles out shy of a railroad. There's an interesting-looking stub off of Costen Rd. on the west side of the tracks. You know this was once the mainline because the 364 connector has a channelized right turn to a dead end.

Turned around and heading back to the US 13 connection.

To the parent, US 13

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