Manitoba Roads - TCH 100

, Perimeter Highway

TCH 100 is what happened when Manitoba decided to provide a bypass of its largest city for its most important route. TCH 1 still heads downtown, but through traffic is encouraged to use the southern half of the Perimeter Highway, to the point that it has a different number altogether from the northern half (MB 101). TCH 100 is not full freeway, but it was completed to expressway standard well before MB 101 and is more direct between the two sides of TCH 1. (TCH 100 is 10 km longer than TCH 1 through Winnipeg but 10 minutes faster. MB 101 adds another 10 km and 5 minutes.) All photos but the first are eastbound.

WB and EB at the northeastern end of MB 3. MB 2 actually ends at an unsignalized intersection to the east of here, so WB traffic ought to really be making that left turn to get to these highways, but anyone who is unsure of a high-speed unsignalized left turn (such as a large slow truck) will appreciate the signal at MB 3. 3 used to continue into the city concurrent with City Route 155.

I'd call this a more normal take on a City Route shield, but it's really just a question of Highway Gothic vs. Clearview.

I can't call these shields normal. I don't know what this sign is doing, but there seems to be enough room for a standard MB 59 shield and a larger, also standard, City Route 20 shield. Like the TCH 100 shield atop this page, this sign is east of the Red River near Winnipeg and therefore gets bilingual signage for its small but significant Francophone population. (Winnipeg has poutine, so you know it's for real.) Unlike most modern highways, MB 59 heads into the city concurrent with City Route 20 and back out the other side; any provincial highway that ended in the city has been truncated to the Perimeter Highway.

Blue may be the new standard for TCH signs from a freeway. I'm not sure if that's actually the case, but here we have blue maple leaves. The elimination of the space in "Trans Canada", or at least a hyphen, also seems suspiciously incorrect.

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