Manitoba Roads - TCH 1


An older TCH shield in my collection.

On the west side of Winnipeg, the Yellowhead Highway follows TCH 1, which it did since TCH 16 ended in Portage la Prairie. City Route 85 starts along Portage Ave. (see why it's named that?) as TCH 1 crosses the Perimeter Highway and stays on it to downtown at Main St. These photos are a good answer to the trivia question of which highway in Canada is known as the Yellowhead. Answer: it depends on where you ask.

WB in Winnipeg, then on City Route 62 NB.

EB starting at Edmonton St. Ride Donald.

Main St. NB at Broadway. TCH 1 turns left, City Route 52 continues straight.

Don't worry, you won't be crawling along the cobblestones on the TCH. The speed limit is posted at the #89 Main St. driveway, and the stones are the entrance to The Forks historic site/shopping centre (wish I was kidding about that).

Heading west over the west end of MB 301, former TCH 1.

EB access to the WB welcome centre is an at-grade median crossing.

Old alignments: MB 301 and Former TCH 1, Whiteshell

Into Saskatchewan on 1
Into Ontario on TCH 17
Onto City Route 42
Sunrise on TCH 1
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