Manitoba Roads - Old TCH 1, Whiteshell

Former TCH 1, Whiteshell

Looking north at West Hawk Lake.

Continuing east. The second sign doesn't mean what you think it means. Historic Highway #1 is not the same as TCH 1. Rather, it refers to the first highway in MB considered part of the national highway network, predating the TCH. Historic Highway #1 followed what's now MB 44 (click on that link to see the counterpart to this sign) to its west end at MB 9, instead of turning left on what's now MB 301. And that's as far as the historic highway made it, although the MB 1 designation continued into Winnipeg on MB 9 and across the province on TCH 1 to TCH 16.

There's a lot going on on this EB curve sign. Why does it have a speed limit being used as an advisory plaque? Why is there a need to sign "km/h" on a road that's nowhere near the United States?

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