Manitoba Roads - MB 59/City 20

MB 59 and City Route 20

All photos are northbound.

For the length that MB 59 follows City Route 20, basically within the Perimeter Route, it's known by locals as Blvd Lagimodière. (Yes, I went with the French order, since this is the Francophone side of Winnipeg.) Lagimodière was a trapper for the Hudson's Bay Company who was the first settler in the Red River Colony that gradually became Manitoba. He was also the grandfather of Métis hero Louis Riel, a very popular name among the French Canadians of Manitoba.

This is an interim configuration for MB 101 at MB 59/City Route 20 before the current modified cloverleaf interchange was constructed. The closed roadway was the former MB 101 EB terminating at MB 59, but that was rendered unnecessary by a new EB-NB flyover that has been retained in the final interchange design. Other movements were then accommodated with a separate ramp for right turns and continuing east on MB 101. With there already being a SB-WB slip ramp, the new flyover bridge left room (and a stub) for a future NB-WB loop ramp that would have completely closed the at-grade intersection in this photo. However, that was never built, as the final interchange was already being designed and began construction in 2015. This took care of the divided highway stubs east of the interchange that didn't line up with the existing 4-lane roadway to the west, as well as the de facto concurrency between MB 101 WB and MB 59 NB as 101 had to jog from the south side of the interchange (temporarily a 2-lane roadway with turn lanes on what is now the NB-EB ramp) to this intersection on the north side.

Continuing outside the Perimeter, the bottom sign for the weigh station is really half a sign. It should be nestled up against the main sign and/or given a proper top border.

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