Manitoba Roads - City 57

City Route 57

Starting in the east, City Route 57 heads through Francophone territory in the St. Boniface neighborhood upon crossing the Red River, so it gets bilingual supplemental plaques.

WB and EB under the Canadian National Railways (Courtesy and Service) trestle just west of the river.

Seen from the Provencher Bridge on City Route 57, the CN railway crosses the river east of downtown to the north side of St. Boniface.

The reason this page is out of order is that most of it will be devoted to this 2003 bridge, l'Esplanade Riel, the pedestrian accompaniment to the Provencher Bridge that was rebuilt in the same year. It is apparently the only bridge in North America with a built-in restaurant, which I hope is taken as a challenge to all the other bridges.

Ready? Set? Walk! across the bridge with me. Don't do what these other schlubs did and drive onto it. I seriously don't get it. Are restaurant employees allowed to flout the rules?

The wrapped cables are pretty interesting, especially when you look up at the single cantilevered tower.

While I'm here, let's look at the Provencher Bridge. There's not much interesting if you're driving on it except for the light standards (which you'll see more of shortly), but at least the Esplanade-facing side has been decorated for pedestrian amusement.

The view of the CN bridge to the north across the Provencher.

Looking south along the Red River with no bridges in sight.

Looking west from the east shore of the river, featuring both bridges and the 2014 Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

I chose to walk back on the north side of City Route 57 to get some different views of the Esplanade. You can now verify that the light standards along the Provencher Bridge are as interesting as I asserted.

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