Manitoba Roads - City 52

All photos are northbound.

City Routes are defined by roadway, so with City Route 52 following St. Mary's Rd. to Main St. in downtown Winnipeg, there is nothing stopping it from being TCH 1 at the same time. That's the case here, as City Route 52 NB passes the entrance to The Forks and the driveway to #89 Main St. concurrent with TCH 1 WB, before dropping the latter off onto Broadway.

The only place I saw reverse-coloured City Route shields was on this gantry at St. Mary Ave., which is the path for left turns at Portage Ave. where such turns are disallowed. It's similar to Ontario's use of a different shield for trailblazing, but different in the colour scheme, which more closely resembles U.S. business routes (particularly Maryland, where every business route shield is green). The newer City Route 85 shield proves that this is a city policy, not just a one-off.

Heading west on St. Mary Ave., there are more of these to delineate the next turn onto Fort St. NB. I also give you a bonus old walk signal.

Turns to City Route 57 EB also avoid Portage Ave., but that's because City Route 57 itself uses William Stephenson Way. I also give you a bonus incuse street name cut into the 1936 Federal (now Victory) Building. Good thing they haven't changed it.

Continuing north under the CP Railway past Higgins Ave. Check out the old clearance stamped directly on the bridge, which still appears to read "3.70 m" and may be the first use of metric on the bridge (1970s).

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