Massachusetts Roads - Worcester Co.

Worcester County

Maine has plenty of state-name shields, but the old LeHay font is no longer found on them. This one has migrated to New Braintree, along Gilbertville Rd.

Not on a Massachusetts road at all, this is the eastern end of CT 193 as it crosses the border into MA. I have to include it here for obvious reasons, it being the longest place name in the United States (commonly known as Lake Webster), but also the sign has errors, which you might expect with a name that long. But then again, you would expect extra care in making such a sign. My CT 193 page "explains" the error.

Consecutive intersections on MA 197 EB, just across the border from Connecticut, have this peculiarly misshapen cross-street warning sign. Apparently the town of Dudley is particularly worried about demonic possession of its roadways.

Scenes from the junction of Maple and Main Streets in Mendon. The first photo is the earliest style of New England distance sign, dating to the NE route system in the 1910s.

Newer, by a bit, on Hartford Ave. WB at Providence St., still in Mendon.

Continuing west to the next leg of Hartford Ave., in Uxbridge. (They're separated by MA 16 and part of Providence St.)

Hopkinton Road WB, Upton. This style disappeared in the 1960's at the latest, and can be found on many other pages throughout my site.

Here's a photo from the county seat, Grafton St. heading south from Shrewsbury St. in Worcester.

Street View hasn't penetrated the forests of Massachusetts, so I'm unable to verify the location, but I would be surprised if this isn't around the west end of Gilbertville Rd. The border stone is under the town line sign, and the flying child is just west of there.

On Hartford Ave. at the Norfolk County line.

A different color scheme than usual on Ashburnham Rd. (Gilbertville's was also special), unless the white somehow rusted to red.

Border stone on Leominster Rd.

Middlesex County and Middlesex/Worcester county line

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