Massachusetts Roads - W. Acton Rd., Stow

West Acton Road, Stow

Instead of the typical town line signs or paddle guide signs, why not use a guide stone? I'm not even sure it's that old. It points east onto South Acton Rd.

The barely legible directions are Boxborough to the left, W. Acton straight, and S. Acton to the right. Add the word "Rd." to each of those (and shorten Borough to Boro) and you have the street names. Mass. keeps it simple in rural areas.

If the other stone was too new, here's a more genuine-seeming one at Central St., the north end of W. Acton Rd. (which turned into Willow St. upon crossing into W. Acton). I'm judging it mainly by the boxy font - the Lowell one clearly had a lower standard of care (with a backward N - now you're going to take a second look at it, aren't you) that is more the way someone would make a sign now to mimic something old.

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