Massachusetts Roads - US 202/MA 10/57

and US 202/MA 10/MA 57
That's US 202 to you, bub.

I said US, didn't I?

The short MA 168 WB, terminating the longer CT 168 in the Congamond Notch. A surveying error, the Notch was zealously claimed by Massachusetts until Connecticut lost out on its straight (by right) northern boundary.

The bottom sign is northbound pointing east on Depot St., and the top sign is on MA 57 EB where it joins US 202/MA 10 in Southwick.

Not only are these ancient, but they're dead wrong! NJ 57 and NJ 10 never multiplex with US 202. Shame on you... well, these don't seem to be MassHighway shields, so shame on you Southwick. Thanks for keeping them around fo me, though.

Ending the triplex, this time it's MassHighway's fault for bringing nonexistent MA 202 into town.

More MA 202 (see, they're all squares - and that's all you can see in this photo), southbound in the same spot.

Both routes are old in Westfield, courtesy Doug Kerr. MA 10 is missing, but that doesn't matter because these are gone now.

SB, the only old shield remaining in Westfield, and at least one of the square 202 shields to follow.

Court St. EB at the Westfield town square. This time, MA 10 is mentioned but US 20 is absent.

SB across the original MA 10 (possibly New England 10) Westfield River bridge, and looking east at the newer NB counterpart. Heading into town, US 202 crosses under a former railroad, possibly a future trail.

For the first time free of MA 10, US 202 remains confused about its identity. These SB photos suggest old US shields are being replaced by new MA shields.

SB in Holyoke along Lincoln St., which US 202 awkwardly uses instead of cruising straight through town on Linden St. to Beech St. As awkward as the shape is, at least 202 retains its US status on this sign, but it loses route continuity with a "TO."

Before I can escape Holyoke, it throws two regrettable shields at me. For once, I prefer the rectangle.

Looking north at Mt. Tom along the Connecticut River, then continuing north with old-font shields on BGS's that should be newer than that.

SB at Center St. in Granby.

NB in Holyoke, before I skip MA 21 (see big link below).

State route shields abound in Belchertown.

No, we're not done yet. Two more southbound MA 202 shields, in Baldwinville at the end of Elm St., and at Prescott Road in Shutesbury.

US 202 has just left to join MA 2 around Athol, but Daniel Shays Highway (old 202) continues to MA 2A (old 2) and completes the MA 2 interchange with a stuffed shield.

US 202 NB leaves MA 2 EB, and by joining MA 2A EB, the first thing it does is reach the other side of the interchange, thus affording an easy opportunity for a U-turn. Unless you're following US 202 by shield and not by number, in which case you wouldn't have made it this far anyway, because MassHighway has no idea how to distinguish US highways from state highways.

Maybe MA 68 confused US 202 into thinking it's a state route too, but there's too much evidence on this page suggesting that MA just doesn't know better anyway. This is at School St. in Baldwinville.

HOO-AH! One of the oldest street signs in Massachusetts, this predates the green color on all the other paddles, and probably sat atop that concrete perch once upon a time (instead of the current business placard). It's northbound, between Baldwinville and Winchendon. I want it when you're done with it, MassHighway.

In the townlet of Waterville, just south of Winchendon, this seemingly handpainted sign points down River St. toward Royalston. This is the NB-facing side of the sign along with yet another state route shield.

Southbound, not only do you get the opposite of the above white sign, but you also get the opposite of the paddle sign. That's the last state route shield on this page, I promise.

Told you this was actually US 202! Saving the second-best for second-last, the shield in the median dates to the late 1960's, before Massachusetts adopted a standard font, wider shields, or a thinner border. To the right is MA 12 north.

Almost to NH, northbound.

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