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These Euro-style blue signs around Davis Square aren't very old, but they are tiny and confusing. Using each sign as a map, I can deduce that the first sign is on Highland Ave., the second on College Ave., and the third on Holland St. These are the only streets that carry traffic into the square and have more than one way out (the other one-way street is a forced right onto Elm St.).

Davis Square felt it needed to be more populated, so it erected fake people on the corners. Somehow, at night, they end up making the place even creepier.

Great idea! Now, what shall we enforce? Prospect Ave. NB.

The following pictures are of an Art Deco sign that has been standing in Powder House (or Powderhouse) Square since, well, Art Deco.

Congrats, for admiring everyone's favorite Somerville sign, here's a chance to learn why the square is named Powder House.

MA 16, Alewife Brook Parkway
MA 28, McGrath Highway
MA 38, Mystic Ave.
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