Massachusetts Roads - Quincy Shore Dr.

Quincy Shore Drive

All photos taken northbound.

In the background of these photos is the Long Island Viaduct (like the Pulaski Skyway on I-93, Massachusetts steals names from other states for inferior products), and Long Island itself in the second photo. There's a homeless shelter on that island among other buildings, even though it can only be reached by crossing another island first, which raises the question of who lives there. Really, homeless shelters only work if there are opportunities to get the "residents" into jobs and ultimately homes, and when they're all isolated on an island miles away from anywhere with no money for transportation, who does that help? Also, despite the second photo, this was the only red light I encountered. If you take it out of context, though, it's amusing.

Around Quincy Bay, with Rock Island to the south (now linked by land, so not an island) and the Boston skyline to the north.

A couple of old signs, but since the white historical sign is on the southbound side I didn't get a good pic of it. It's a tercentennial sign from 1930.

At the very end of the road, a gantry that matches the one on MA 3A SB just to the north, except here the original button copy signs weren't replaced. There's no mention of MA 3A on the left BGS, which makes sense because it ends at Morrissey Blvd. and MA 203 just across the Neponset River. However, the right BGS actually should have 3A on it, because the exit loops around just south of the river and merges into MA 3A SB on Hancock St.

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