Massachusetts Roads - Quabbin Reservoir

Quabbin Reservoir

That's right, I said Reservoir. Yes, this is a roads site. You'll see.

Lovely ravine, eh? Oh, roads site.

How about cats'-eye reflectors in vintage embossed signs? These date from when the reservoir was constructed in the 1930's, in all likelihood.

Old wooden MDC signs!

Interesting way to slope down from the reservoir, eh? Oh, roads site.

Good luck finding these, especially the last one. My best guesses are Breen Rd. in Hardwick, West Rd. in Petersham, and then Monson Turnpike Rd. in the same town. These were all found while attempting to explore the higher ground of the towns flooded out by the Quabbin. Click on the last photo for a closeup, in case you can't find it in the field.

This is the west drivable end of Dana Rd., which went to the defunct town of Dana. All of the other towns around the reservoir had their borders modified to divide Dana amongst themselves, since most of the town was overtaken by water.

Westbound signs heading toward the small Pottapaug Pond bridge.
Orange-Millington Road

This is one of the roads that was flooded out by the reservoir - there is no town of Millington anymore for that same reason. The trail actually makes it about two miles to the shore, but you only have to walk in a short distance to see some of the attraction.

Walking south to the Middle Branch Swift River crossing.

On the way, I pass this stone with 1909 etched in the side. Milemarker? Survey post? It predates the Quabbin Reservoir by many years.

And what a great bridge crosses the river. No idea as to date, but certainly 19th century or earlier.

Walking up to the bridge from the east, facing west (upstream).

Looking east from there at the Middle Branch Swift River and the north shore.

This lone metal post on the NB (east) side of the bridge suggests there was some sort of bridge railing once supported on a similar set of posts.

On the west side of the bridge, looking east (downstream).

Back north to MA 122. Across the street, Orange Rd. is still open to traffic.
Out of the reservoir to MA 9
Onto MA 122 from Orange-Millington Rd.
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