Massachusetts Roads - Newton


Just a bunch of old and unusual signs. They tend to be plentiful to the west of Boston.

Tell me something I don't already know. The last sign shows that Newton is straying away from its older font and sign specs.

Drive Slow Children? To where? If it's like other old signs, it should be read Drive Children Slow. Well, they're driving us crazy, so maybe we should slow them down? That of course leads to the new and ugly CHILDREN warning sign - if you can't slow them down, be warned.

The remedy for an indecisive town council. First, have third graders stencil your signs to save on wages and signmaking equipment. Then, when information changes, have the now-fifth grade kids delicately paint a sticker to be patched over the stencils. I'm probably closer to the truth in this caption than I wish I were.

Newton-Watertown line on Nonantum Road - this isn't old, but no idea when it dates from. Watertown steals a little bit of land south of the Charles, just like Passaic County's Singac in New Jersey.

Italian pride on this street off of MA 16 (Watertown St.).

City line on Beacon Street next to Boston College. Umm... 1950's? 1940's?

More old Newton signage at I-90
More old Newton signage along MA 16
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