Massachusetts Roads - New Salem

New Salem

Lovers Lane leads to the Quabbin Reservoir. Actually, many local roads in this area do, because the towns they originally connected were flooded to create the reservoir. New Salem and North Prescott happened to escape on the north side, but much of Prescott itself has disappeared.

There may be more steeples than people in the town. All of these are on Main St. The first is on the west side of S. Main St. at Old Main St. - like there's something here that isn't already old. The next two are across from it and next to each other, so I think the older church in the second photo just sits around looking historic while people use the church in the third photo. Finally, the building in the fourth photo isn't a church at all, but could be the town hall.

S. Main St. NB leaving New Salem, 1930's-style. Click for closeup that lets you see the busted cats'-eyes and graffitied etchings.

Both photos taken facing SB. The first was the NB street sign for S. Main St. at W. Main St., and the second was the SB side for N. Main St. Yes, the fourth leg is E. Main St. No, New Salem wasn't creative. No mention of adjacent US 202, just West St., which may have more local significance to residents. I haven't seen West St. yet to comment, but I don't expect to be wowed. After bending the sign back upright, I have to wonder how it got knocked over in the first place while leaving the pole intact.

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