Massachusetts Roads - N. Brookfield

North Brookfield

The old type of Massachusetts junction sign, Gilbert St. SB. Everything except a T had an arrow, and that's because the T had two arrows, one on either side. This looks like it had a Mass. D.P.W. stamp on the bottom that was taped over. I'd believe Gilbert St. was once an unnumbered state road, especially with a sign like this.

A bit blurry, but a cast iron street sign for Ward St., then showing off Massachusetts' old font with another taped message on the bottom. And again this matches the appearance of old state highway signs, so I reiterate my conviction about Gilbert St.

A clearer one, on Bigelow St.

School St. WB at Mt. Guyot St.

Moving west, High St. facing north from Summer St. The "WCH" post is a 1916 survey marker on the northwest corner.

Facing south from there across Summer St.

Close to the center of town along Summer St., just west of MA 67/148.

Prouty Rd. EB with New Braintree's style of town line sign. There's another on the Worcester Co. page linked below.

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