Massachusetts Roads - Old Signs

Assorted old signs

You naughty boy, this is Aquinnah now. On the tiny, repressed isle of Martha's Vineyard, the only place I've seen this style of guide sign.

The remainder of the signs on this page are courtesy Michael Summa until the very last one. You want old, I'll give you old - all but one of his photos were taken in 1982, and the exception is even older.

All state signs (Mass. Dept. of Public Works), all on unidentified roads, all outdated even then. The reverse U in the school bus turn is the first time I noticed that MA's old signs actually specified whether the school buses were U-turning from your direction to the other side, or as in this case, from the other side to join your side.

These signs, like the arrow signs, can still be found in many places around the state, especially on roads without route numbers that either are or were state-maintained. 1982 was less than ten years removed from the characteristic MA font with the notched 4.

The oldest signs in his collection on this page - an enamel stop sign dating to the 1950's (once the red color was popular but before button copy was banished from street signs), and an even older curve sign photographed in 1976.

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