Massachusetts Roads - MA 97/113

and MA 97/113
Never too big to fail.

All photos are northbound.

NB under and past MA 128. Just because a sign is wooden doesn't give it a pass for being mounted 45 off-kilter.

Back in the days of cut-corner paddle signs, Route 128 was king all the way around the city. I-95, which is what MA 97 is actually junctioning here, was intended to go straight in via the unbuilt Northeast Expressway, but both then and now, it is just a feeder into the beltway. This is the same sign, unflashed and flashed.

Leaving MA 133 in Georgetown.

Now with MA 113 WB on a drawbridge across the Merrimack River, with a view westward. The bridge was recently replaced with a normal, non-truss draw span.

MA 97/113 turn off of Groveland St. and pass these signs on their ride through eastern Haverhill.

Stay on Groveland St. and you drive a shorter distance, but at a lower speed limit, and get to see the narrow MA 113 shield at the northwest end. You also get other cool signs, seen on the Haverhill page linked below.

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