Massachusetts Roads - MA 9 - West of I-495

west of I-495

Right off the bat, MA 9 EB gets off to a bad start at US 7, not MA 7. (That's still better than MA 9 becoming NJ 9 in the top photo.) I'm assuming that MA shield (since removed) was a replacement for something like the "fine" example on North St. SB. Hopefully the well-preserved 9 remains.

Getting better, but only the MA 8A shields are old, not the 9.

EB through Williamsburg to the Mill River.

Westbound to the same point. Never seen an arrow through a direction before, just the number.

Also never seen a light-up pedestrian crossing sign before (this is in Amherst).

Okay, the curve sign is old, but the straight-through arrow sign is even older. Both WB.

WB, first an old sign, then a wrong sign. It's almost forgivable, since US 202 accidentally becomes MA 202 quite a bit throughout the state.

Another MA 202 mistake, eastbound.

The opposite mistake, WB.

EB from Quabbin Reservoir.

WB during and then at the end of the duplex. Sorry, dude, Wilson's not coming back.

The star of this page is this wooden assembly (the arrow was replaced by a metal one in the 1970's, judging from its condition).

Old-font 9, and then the arrow strikes twice.

EB signs with a MA 20 error leading up to this brief 2-lane expressway. All of the signs along and at either end of MA 49 are as old as the last one (non-reflective button copy with original shields). The road seemingly dates from just before the completion of I-84 into Mass.

WB in the same spot; click on it for an extra-cool nighttime version.

Downtown Spencer, on the southeast corner of MA 31.

Worcester signage, eastbound.

On a local street in Worcester.

RIDOT: puts in a new bridge, leaves the old one. MassHighway: puts in a new sign, leaves the old one, WB at Lake Ave. after crossing Lake Quinsigamond.

Both WB, both wrong.

On MA 9 EB. Note the black NJ-style shield background.

WB at the same spot.

EB through-arrow LGS.

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