Massachusetts Roads - MA 9 - Inside I-495

inside I-495

WB and EB at Main St. and MA 30 in Framingham. All caps, down arrows, and full button-copy is about as old as Mass D.P.W. BGS's get.

Not terribly old, but peeling shield nonetheless, EB.

WB, same spot.

EB, you know it's old because it's button-copy.

Not terribly old, but non-reflective, westbound.

Two sets of old LGS's heading toward Boston.

The original underpass of MA 16 in Wellesley is currently under construction, but the original stonework is being retained. This is an old underpass.

It's as old as this sign, in fact, without a doubt. Check out the ancient font and the premium wooden construction.

The signal referenced by that sign, just as old and desperately needing a paint job; it controls all non-ramp movements between 9 and 16.

These EB signs near I-95 aren't that old, so must date from the time when I-95 was still planned to enter Boston, even as it was routed along MA 128.

Two EB signs at the interchange with I-95, newer and correct. Two EB shields interspersed, older and with the old font.

If it says "MTA," you know it's ancient. This is on an overpass that carries a walkway to the Green Line D Branch station, but there's now another walkway in front of it so you can't see this sign from the road. Thanks to Jake Warner for spotting it from the walkway, and to see the full version of the sign that he took for me, click on this one that I took while on the road.

Courtesy Jake Warner, this original yellow button-copy STOP sign has been horribly mutilated. With its glass beads removed and a fresh coat of red paint applied to the sign while on the pole, it's begging you to kill it now.

Atop the median fence, eastbound.

Hey, isn't this Massachusetts?

EB just past the Massachusetts Avenue interchange. These signs are all in a pretty bad state of disrepair, some worse than the others (especially that last one).

WB in the same place as the above three.

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